Monitor Platform Event Limits – Platform Event Tracker

Trying to identify the current org limit for platform events can be cumbersome. Tracking platform event usage limits is even more difficult. The usage limit is a rolling 24 hour limit based on the number of purchased platform events your org has. If it is the out of the box limit then it is 50k […]

Benefits of Creating a Generic Platform Event

Platform Events are a very useful feature within Salesforce. As the underlining technology to be able to use event-driven architecture, platform events within Salesforce provide near real-time event messaging which can be used internally and externally. Platform Events like other SObjects are pretty flat, the structure is an object with key-value pairs. In most scenarios […]

Benefits of Creating a Custom Salesforce Change Data Capture Channel

Salesforce Change Data Capture is very useful in being able to capture and replicate changes that occur with a record. Each change creates a CDC event message. The message can either be one or multiple record changes with a given transaction creating multiple changes. This article assumes you know a little bit about Salesforce change […]

Viewing Platform Events in Salesforce using a Lightning Web Component

Platform events can be a pain to work with when trying to view/troubleshoot. You can either create a trigger, subscribe with an external application, or use the emp-api. Using a trigger is difficult to read in the debug, an external application creates other barriers such as connecting to Salesforce along with taking events, which leaves […]

Guide to Outbound Messaging – How to View the Message

Outbound messaging is a configurable workflow-driven method to send messages from Salesforce to an external endpoint. The message is driven by and can only be triggered through a workflow-rule. Outbound messages are SOAP-based messages that contain notifications(up to 100 per message) in the message. Each message can hold multiple notifications which are singular events that […]