Become a Salesforce Developer – No Experience Necessary

Becoming a Salesforce Developer can be difficult, I make it easy. With one course you can start your path to increasing your salary as a Salesforce Developer.

Why Become a Salesforce Developer (aside from the fun, check out the Salesforce Developer Salary!)

According to Mason Frank’s 2021 Career and Hiring Guide 75% of developers that changed jobs received an increase in salary indicating the market is looking for and willing to pay for Salesforce Developers. On top of that due to an increase in remote work within the field Salesforce engineer salaries (some companies use engineer instead of developer) have increased for individuals staying at their current companies as well. Based on the respondents surveyed here was the pay bands:

Salesforce Developer Salary Bands
Country Junior Salesforce Developer Salary Senior Salesforce Developer Salary
United States ($) 99,250 – 126,750 126,750 – 174,500
Canada (C$) 130,250 – 146,500 106,250 – 130,250
United Kingdom (£) 38,000 – 71,500 71,500 – 88,500

What You Will Learn


Learn Salesforce backend languages Apex, SOQL, and SOSL


Learn Object Oriented Programing concepts

Best Practices

Best Practices for Apex Development


REST Integration Callout Methods


Common Developing Tools

Error Handling

How to identify and handling errors in Apex and why it is important


Interfaces, Inheritance, and Extensibility when used can create powerful scalable applications


Salesforce development lifecycle


You will create several starting frameworks that can be iterated from and used throughout your career

What Employers are Looking For

Employers are looking for developers who know Apex, SOQL, SOSL, Object-oriented programing, integration, application lifecycle, and more. Start learning what employers are looking for in a Salesforce developer.

Changing Careers

Looking to change careers and start earning a high Salesforce developer salary? This course is designed to start with the fundamentals and build on top to teach more complex skills to become a successful developer!