Become a Salesforce Developer – No Experience Necessary

Becoming a Salesforce Developer can be difficult, I make it easy. With one course you can learn more about Salesforce Development than most and have an advantage over others.

Why Become a Salesforce Developer

A Talent Ecosystem Report published by 10Kview shows the 2021 global demand for Salesforce Developers increased 203% over the previous year. With the lowest demand growth for all Salesforce talent at 168% in Europe all the way up to 363% in the highest region. With a fast growing demand there is no shortage of available jobs anywhere you go!

What You Will Learn


Learn Salesforce backend languages Apex, SOQL, and SOSL


Learn Object Oriented Programing concepts

Best Practices

Best Practices for Apex Development


REST Integration Callout Methods


Common Developing Tools

Error Handling

How to identify and handling errors in Apex and why it is important


Interfaces, Inheritance, and Extensibility when used can create powerful scalable applications


Salesforce development lifecycle


You will create several starting frameworks that can be iterated from and used throughout your career

Certifications are Great, but not everything

Many people will tell you to become a Salesforce Developer, even a Salesforce developer without any experience, all you need is a Certification. While it is true Certifications help to demonstrate a minimal level of knowledge. They don’t fully demonstrate how to become a great developer.

How to become a Salesforce Developer

To become a Salesforce Developer you will need to learn Apex, Salesforce’s backend language. Being a business platform the need to work with data and learn how to work with data is very important. This Salesforce developer course will teach you the necessary skills to become a successful developer.

What Employers are Looking For

Employers are looking for developers who know Apex, SOQL, SOSL, Object-oriented programing, integration, application lifecycle, and more. Start learning what employers are looking for in a Salesforce developer.

Changing Careers

Looking to change careers and learn how to become a Salesforce developer with no experience? This Salesforce developer course is designed to start with the fundamentals and build on top to teach more complex skills to become a successful developer!